Case Study

Benny Wills

“I felt like for years I had all these pieces to a puzzle in front of me, but I didn’t know how to put it all together as one piece.”


“I made almost $13,000 for the first season of my course, which is impressive.”

Benny Wills is the business owner of, providing coaching to individuals seeking compassion and direction to realize their potential for quality successful communication.

He was born and raised in Hollywood growing up aspiring to be an actor. He has various communication styles and strategies to build connection, understanding, and creativity. He has two decades of study and experience with Stage MFA and acting. He transitioned into sketch comedy and poetry with Joy Camp; the transition also includes regularly performing and presenting at conferences.

He has devoted himself to living with purpose and service, hastening the awakening this world so desperately needs. His current project is the Parrhesia course, an immersive, hands-on training to empower you to unlock your voice and free your speech. “My training taught me creative communication skills; in front of a crowd and one on one. Now I am offering that as a service to others.”


Taking Benny Wills to The Next Level


Benny searched for a stable income solution for his family and did not want to find something outside of his current expertise. Such as learning something new or taking on a whole new career. “I felt for years, I had these pieces to a puzzle in front of me, but I didn’t know how to put it all together as one piece.” Benny did not know what it would look like; he only knew he had something to offer.

People in his inner circle would say how much they appreciated what he has to say by coaching them on communication. The astounding skill sets are the pieces that he collected and refined for years and did not know how to put them together. He was unaware of the larger picture; his knowledge and proficiency in communication can be helpful and in service to others. To earn an income to support his family as a smooth transition away from previous work endeavors that were not satisfying, unfulfilling, and not in line with his values.

He was in a blur from a stuck perspective, only seeing a fuzzy clarity and objectivity, which are the foundations to define your product and service clearly. The lack of definition affected the business’s functional aspects to materialize development and structure to gain a class full of engaging students. It was also confusing his strategy involved with dripping out information of his product. Such as catching interest, not dwelling on one rejection, oversight in productivity, and focus on deleted emails. “It doesn’t mean the person won’t be interested later, all these tactics I knew nothing about.”

“Autonomy Unlimited has not only changed the way I do business but also shown me how to run a business.” Benny knew little about quality entrepreneurism, and he had never set up a course before or managed a website that is a personal site for his work; his name is his brand. He has created a place where people can receive information on the services he offers but now was left wondering how the new business venture can be a fully functional well-oiled machine. “I did not know any of these strategies, and I needed help to figure out how to run an online business.”



Benny’s initial goal for his business was a modest one, but the Autonomy Unlimited crew encouraged him to believe in higher expectations. He initially targeted $6,000 profit for his course, but Richard said, “go for $10,000.”

He received a profit of almost $13,000 for season one of The Parrhesia course, which is impressive. It is proof of the marketing concept, proof people need this service, and proof people want to communicate better. “It sold out the first time with hardly any marketing.” It is an excellent sign as we advance with marketing; the more exposure to the course, the more successful it will become.

Also, he did not have an email list before Autonomy Unlimited; however, he has platforms where he has fans and followers. He has tens of thousands of people who know about his work and follow his career, yet he did not take advantage of their interest in his service and products. The Autonomy Unlimited crew advised him to see a different perspective. To recognize people on his email list will not view services and products as invasive. He did not know that he can have consistent access to people already interested in his work; the strategy allowed him access to people who need his services.

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” Benny did not know that people in his network and people who are following him can be clients. “Now I know, and now it’s obvious, but I didn’t see that before.” Now savvier, he sees more clearly that it’s a process.

Let’s say if you are expecting all 600 people you are emailing to become clients. Firstly, you will be overwhelmed, and it’s not what you need; all you need is a percentage of that to be a huge success. “I am going to send my email out to my list, and if 5% or 10% sign up, it is a big win.” “It does not mean the other 90% will not sign up at some point; if people are not unsubscribing, they are still potentially interested; a different mindset I had no idea of.”


“Autonomy Unlimited is just a good situation,
a good network and a good team of people;
I feel lucky and very thankful, you guys
are doing great work.”

Benny Wills, Actor


“Gratitude, I am very appreciative of the whole experience so far and the continued support and assistance; just the friendly nature of everyone involved.”

Overall, Autonomy Unlimited enabled Benny to envision a type of income in line with values for him and his family. His new business income has allowed him time at home, with less stress about what to do next. “I now have a fulfilling job that is a great service to others, and I am getting paid for it.” It helps every aspect of his life by not being worried about income to find just another job, or flip houses in the real-estate game or go back to Hollywood and try to be an actor. “Autonomy Unlimited is just a good situation, a good network and a good team of people; I feel lucky and very thankful, you guys are doing great work.” “It’s an enjoyable group, I feel very supported, very free to express myself, and I feel appreciated.”

The Autonomy Unlimited crew coached him to realize he can be the face of his own business and offer services from skills he already had inside of him. The outside perspective gave him the clarity and objectivity he was not seeing. “I would not have been able to do it without Autonomy and Autonomy Unlimited; it helped me chisel out the structure and execution.” “Richard Grove encouraged me to be an Autonomy Student, and I joined with my wife in season three.” “It Rocked Our Worlds, and I can honestly say it changed my life because it helped me realize that I can offer a service in communication.” The Autonomy Unlimited crew coached him to define the service, materialize his products, and structure it into a package. Now he has a fully functional business, which also includes his new students.

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