Case Study

John Bush

Leveraged a Dream Team with Autonomy Unlimited

“The thing that was missing was a team.”


John Bush is the owner of Brave Botanicals, a company that provides quality Kratom and CBD products to nourish aspects of life. His proficient skills in cryptocurrency, from hours, spent learning to discover the freedom of a crypto lifestyle. He uses the currency in his business, enabling him to explore the actual value.

It all began in 2011; he saw the potential to liberate people from the limitations of currencies like the US Dollar. His growing passion for alternative currencies took him on a journey. Along with his family on several road trips only using cryptocurrency. The whole adventure put the crypto ecosystem to the test since few people have heard about bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Being so passionate about alternative currencies moved him in the direction of consulting for folks back in 2017.

His current crypto project is a workshop that helps people overcome obstacles and barriers. To become onboarded with cryptocurrencies. “There are still many opportunities for gains, protecting and growing wealth”. “I hope that the skills I have learned over the past several years can aid people in their journey as they go from crypto curious to crypto confident”.

 “You guys will exceed other businesses expectations just like you have exceeded mine.”



Taking John Bush to The Next Level


John was familiar with Richard Grove’s work when he was embarking on research and ventures with John Taylor Gatto. He started noticing Richard’s new projects delivered various material that was different. Now relating to productivity, getting things done and sales. All topics that interested him since he began focusing on Entrepreneurship. Yet, locating time was an enormous burden for growing these crucial skillsets for business today. “I always want to build my skills, I don’t have time, so I put it on the back burner”. Many people from friends, liberty communities, and freedom cell networks pushed him to take part in Autonomy. Chris McMillon urged him to get involved. He never got around to it until he chatted with the Autonomy Unlimited crew. “I’m not only interested in learning since I can always sharpen my saw, but I am also interested in emulating what the team is creating”.

He is now pursuing larger projects such as workshops, online courses and building a community of excellence. The idea is to deliver classes, not only for cryptocurrency students. But courses in stress, anxiety, agorism and entrepreneurship for his Brave Botanicals customers. However, business growth is leaving him with little time for achieving these endeavours alone. Over the years, he wears many hats to maintain growth, and the desired work-life balance is far off in the distance. Yet, the time is now. Everyone is talking cryptocurrency. How can he add another component to the business? He is already stretched for time doing it alone. “The thing that I missed was a team”.

Curious still he always had a fascination with teams. The idea of a marketing department, tech guys and web development all in-house was his ideal. But John astonished by the delivery of service from Autonomy Unlimited. His impressions of the call are people connected and all with professionalism, grabbing his interest. “The crew pushed me over the edge”. “I am quite excited, and thus far, the participation has only exceeded my expectations”. You do not need all team members in-house since those fields, and more achieved with the Autonomy Unlimited crew. Now! he wants a team matching the values of excellence and collaboration the team instils. “The Autonomy Unlimited crew are easy to work with; yeh, it’s been great so far”.


His prior experience with teams left him micromanaging and endless time-wasting persuading people. Completing high-quality projects was far off in the distance. Or deserting him with worthless feedback, frustrating and alone to bounce with ideas. That was until he met with Kara, while showing off his clever headline, asked for input. She whipped up improvements with approaches he didn’t imagine possible. Another unexpected bonus is her quick-thinking responses towards tasks. Demonstrating a level of professionalism beyond the standard. Her expertise offered John the peace of mind he was pursuing. He didn’t know how to achieve it yet. “That’s something I am looking for; I don’t want to work with people I pay if I’m more skilled”. He now desires trust in colleagues to devote time and attention to projects that emulate the same passion level. “I get that with the Autonomy Unlimited crew”.

He discovered an autonomous team eager to execute a project mission, rarely requiring updates and feedback. “You guys deliver a higher calibre of service I have not had elsewhere”. Another project where the team shined is the work achieved from The Greater Reset with Leiha. She fulfilled essential responsibilities of task allocation and follow-ups for the project. All the while also keeping people accountable and on course for a remarkable result. Enabling John the ability to let go of monitoring minor tasks and the time to engage in grander ventures. Other additions to Autonomy Unlimited is Joshua, who brings a business training relationship. He breaks down your project goal into smaller actionable steps. Disseminating the work towards task-orientated people and ensuring executed phases. “To have that level of skill and professionalism available, I was blown away”.



He needed a team, and Autonomy Unlimited has assembled a couple of remarkable talented people.

Overall, John soared his business projects to the next level. By experiencing a team of autonomous people who exceed passion and dedication to his brand. He needed a team, and Autonomy Unlimited has assembled a couple of remarkable talented people. The best feature of working in a crew is not micromanaging tasks here and there. As a team leader, it allows you the space to think of more prominent and grander projects to bring the whole team forward. So you need a team to take things to the next level. You can enjoy a team without the setbacks of micromanaging each task. Autonomy Unlimited delivers that in an excellent pretty little package. “Give it a try; the commitment is not that much”. “You guys will exceed their expectations like you have exceeded mine”.

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