Case Study

John Bush

Leveraged a Dream Team with Autonomy Unlimited

“The thing that was missing was a team.”


“You guys will exceed other businesses expectations just like you have exceeded mine.”

John Bush is the owner of Brave Botanicals, a company that provides quality Kratom and CBD products, and founder of Live Free Academy, which offers courses and consultation for those craving a life beyond the 9–5 grind. 

In 2011, John saw the potential to liberate people from the limitations of the US dollar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. He put the crypto ecosystem to the test by taking his family on several road trips using only cryptocurrency—no small feat at a time when few people had heard about alternative currencies. 

After gaining proficiency in cryptocurrency, he applied his passion for the freedom of a crypto lifestyle to his own business, where he can better explore the actual value and put his knowledge to service. “I hope that the skills I have learned over the past several years can aid people in their journey as they go from crypto curious to crypto confident.”

After launching a beginners workshop to help people overcome obstacles to onboarding with cryptocurrencies, John kept going. “There are still many opportunities for gains, for protecting and growing wealth,” he says. Ultimately, his experience with this course evolved into the ever-expanding empire of Live Free Academy, which now offers courses on everything from buying land to agorism, homesteading, and homeschooling.


Taking John Bush to The Next Level


John became familiar with Richard Grove, founder of AUTONOMY, through Grove’s work with John Taylor Gatto, a teacher and outspoken critic of the education system. Grove’s projects related to productivity, sales, and entrepreneurship appealed to him. But like other business owners, he couldn’t find the time to devote to building these skill sets.

“I always want to build my skills, but I don’t have time, so I put it on the back burner,” he says. Many friends from his personal circle, liberty communities, and freedom cell networks pushed him to take part in AUTONOMY. John decided to join AUTONOMY Season 5, which inspired him in his own entrepreneurial work.

However, business growth with Brave Botanicals left him with little extra time to develop the courses he wanted to launch. Like many entrepreneurs, John wears many hats to maintain growth, offsetting his work-life balance. But he knew the time was at hand. Everyone was talking cryptocurrency. How could he add another component to the business when he felt stretched to capacity?

“The thing I was missing was a team.”


John approached Autonomy Unlimited for help with his crypto course. The team assisted him with production, copywriting, website design, funnel creation, and email marketing.

He was impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism he found. “That’s something I am looking for,” he says. “I don’t want to pay people if I’m more skilled.” He also seeks out colleagues he can trust that demonstrate the same level of passion he feels. “I get that with the Autonomy Unlimited crew. They deliver a higher caliber of service that I have not had elsewhere.” 

John says the team shined in their work on the course.


“The Autonomy Unlimited crew pushed me over the edge. To have that level of skill and professionalism available, I was blown away.”

Profits from the crypto course well exceeded John’s expectations, helping him take his business to the next level. The Autonomy Unlimited team continued to work with John as he built out Live Free Academy, which ultimately found so much success that John was able to hire his own in-house marketing team—with the exception of web design, which Autonomy Unlimited still provides. 

John has maintained an evolving relationship with Autonomy Unlimited as his business thrives. The relationship has been unique and mutually supportive. Autonomy Unlimited collaborated with John, Derrick Broze, and Ramiro Romani on the Greater Reset, an alternative to the World Economic Forum’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision for humanity. Autonomy Unlimited helped sponsor the event, Richard Grove has been a speaker, and Joshua Hale of Autonomy Unlimited will DJ and provide tech support at the 2023 event.

John’s advice to other entrepreneurs needing support to grow their businesses? “Give Autonomy Unlimited a try; the commitment is not that much. They will exceed your expectations like they have exceeded mine.”

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